Neves Reborn’s project – Noise

Today is the day!

We’re going to start properly on working on our GDD (Game Design Document) in order to reach 60% of our overall mark for this module, so we have to focus on this one! We have to cover the following headers;

Premise – Cafe world meets Deviant art
Goals/Purposes – The game focuses on social interaction and showcasing images
USP (Competitive Analysis) – Social interaction,  showcasing artwork, develop your cafe and level up for new items/frames
Player Motivation -interaction, level up, art work
Gameplay – Point and click style
Target Platform and Hardware requirements – PC flash game
Genre – MMO
Art and Audio features – Simple and bright colours, frames will have a smaller version of the image uploaded, player’s can click on to enlarge and view
Character description – Interchangeable parts and colour pallette, basic and cartoon-like
Marketing Information –  Viral marketing, facebook sites, adverts
Production details – Team Structure and Project Plan

Now our team will take these different points and expand upon them 😀

Go Neves Reborn!



One Response to “Neves Reborn’s project – Noise”

  1. nevesreborn Says:

    yaaay *thumbs up*

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