Thurs 11th March

Today we discussed our WikiNews updates (and the fact that all of them were deleted due to being non-newsworthy, apparently)

Its interesting that a news site regards the situation of the PS3 1st March bug as un-newsworthy whilst the local Metro has it as their front page news, which raises an interesting point of the lack of games related news on the WikiNews site, which might imply they feel that the whole topic of games is un-newsworthy, which implies a biased quality control

We also reviewed our work on Wikispaces regarding what we covered in the tasks last week (which consisted of managing a game and writting minutes of a mock meeting concerning the PS3 issue)

As well as this, we covered Cost and Benefit Analysis and Quality Plan, basically ensuring things go well and when it comes to the price of something, whether it is worth doing it, or just doing nothing!

– Dan


One Response to “Thurs 11th March”

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    […] site if this is the kind of levels of professionalism they are working to “. They also questioned the standard WikiNews used to judge whether an item is news worthy or not. They felt gaming news have been largely left out. They suggested to contribute to Uncyclopedia in […]

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