Team Neves 4th March

Today we covered the use of Wiki (Hawaiian for quick!) which has became popular for various reasons, such as online “living” documents and note taking and blogging.

Wiki was founded in 2001 in Jimmy Wales (after being dumped!)

The focus is sharing knowledge to create a unified pool of facts, however as anybody can edit a page, there’s an obvious concern to the validity of the information available (even though the site is screened, this isn’t foolprooof)

Despite this concern, research has shown that alot of articles in Wikipedia are fully comparable with corresponding infortmation in the Encyclopedia Britannica, although both encyclopedias have errors, such as misleading statements, factual errors, imsinterpretations of concepts and omissions. With this in mind some can see Wikipedia as being more efficient, as it is a constantly evolving document that urges people who contribute to maintain a neutral point of view.

November 2004 – WikiNews began (community based, participatory news project) – Also unbiased, following Wikipedia’s “neutral point of view” stance.

After looking into WikiNews, I found an article from 2005 regarding the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and issues over the ability to play “explicit” sex mini games…



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