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March 31, 2010

Well, after a focused session, I’ve got my word count target of 900 down (904 words, to be exact) so will collect everyone’s work together and see if we can get any feedback 🙂

I’m going to bed!



Last day of March

March 31, 2010

Well, I’m sat here eating a big bag or Doritos with my new fish for company, and as the last day of March, I figured I’d crack on with Uni work, the first of which being my sections on PM, Premise, Main Goals and Player Motivation, hopefully I’ll make good progress! 🙂


Neves Reborn Progress

March 25, 2010

We have now sorted who will be handling what on our GDD at present, these are as follows;

Dan – Premise, Main Goals, Player Motivation, Genre

Ryan – Comp Analysis, Target platform/hardware requirements

Brett – USPs, Gameplay

Markella – Art and audio, characters, marketing

Toby – Production details (team structre and project plan)

We’ll post our progress! 🙂


Neves Reborn’s project – Noise

March 25, 2010

Today is the day!

We’re going to start properly on working on our GDD (Game Design Document) in order to reach 60% of our overall mark for this module, so we have to focus on this one! We have to cover the following headers;

Premise – Cafe world meets Deviant art
Goals/Purposes – The game focuses on social interaction and showcasing images
USP (Competitive Analysis) – Social interaction,  showcasing artwork, develop your cafe and level up for new items/frames
Player Motivation -interaction, level up, art work
Gameplay – Point and click style
Target Platform and Hardware requirements – PC flash game
Genre – MMO
Art and Audio features – Simple and bright colours, frames will have a smaller version of the image uploaded, player’s can click on to enlarge and view
Character description – Interchangeable parts and colour pallette, basic and cartoon-like
Marketing Information –  Viral marketing, facebook sites, adverts
Production details – Team Structure and Project Plan

Now our team will take these different points and expand upon them 😀

Go Neves Reborn!


Experience of a Lead Game Designer…

March 11, 2010

Today I acted as Lead Games Designer, yet the project was a failure.

The team needed more co-ordination, and needed more cohesion, the project would be a success if the whole team sat together, and only a select number of computers were used (due to the fact that when anyone editted the page whilst another was in it, they’d write over other peoples’ work!

On another note, we have our first idea for our PA2!  We’re thinking of a Internet Cafe flash game in which players can upload their own artwork on the walls to show case, think Farmville meets Cafe World meets Deviant Art! Should be a good idea!


Thurs 11th March

March 11, 2010

Today we discussed our WikiNews updates (and the fact that all of them were deleted due to being non-newsworthy, apparently)

Its interesting that a news site regards the situation of the PS3 1st March bug as un-newsworthy whilst the local Metro has it as their front page news, which raises an interesting point of the lack of games related news on the WikiNews site, which might imply they feel that the whole topic of games is un-newsworthy, which implies a biased quality control

We also reviewed our work on Wikispaces regarding what we covered in the tasks last week (which consisted of managing a game and writting minutes of a mock meeting concerning the PS3 issue)

As well as this, we covered Cost and Benefit Analysis and Quality Plan, basically ensuring things go well and when it comes to the price of something, whether it is worth doing it, or just doing nothing!

– Dan

Toby’s post

March 11, 2010

Sorry for my post being a bit late! I wanted to wait a little while before I posted up my article, I was going to wait a few days to see what happened to the article, but ended up forgetting about it til today! Priorities screwed up eh? 😛

Last week, as preious posts show, we did a wiki article. Mine was on the recent Leap year bug of the PS3, not unlike Dan’s , however lot long after the article was posted, the page was marked for “speedy deletion”. Due to there being a lack of citations.

This highlights the need to use a credible source, otherwise people will not take the article (or any written research) sseriously.

Markella’s post

March 4, 2010

Here is my post on WikiNews


Ryan’s Wikinews Blog

March 4, 2010

I did a blog on wikinews about the ps3 system crash, here’s the link guys :


Dan – WikiNews Blog

March 4, 2010

Providing they dont dislike my amazing article, here is the link once it has been reviewed!

– Dan