Job Description

This is a job description I wouldn’t mind going for, pity I’m totally underqualified! This is for a Senior artists position for Valve studios in Bellevue, Washington.


Senior Technical Artist

Valve is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to help drive our technology forward for both current and upcoming projects. A technical artist’s responsibilities at Valve include but are not limited to:

Define and maintain the content pipeline Educate artists on proper content creation techniques

Work closely with both artists, and programmers solving problems and researching new techniques

Create tools to assist artist workflow Combine technology and game play in new and innovative ways

Requirements: 3+ years of experience in either the video game or film industry

Expert knowledge of scripting languages, Python and Mel preferred Basic knowledge of C++

A strong understanding of next-generation content creation techniques

Strong technical knowledge of current 2d and 3d applications, including but not limited to Maya, Modo, and Photoshop


I wouldn’t say the programming aspect was a total surprise to me, after all a lot of communication is needed between the two teams (artists and programmers) to get the whole visual style correct in a game. And also thats a hell of a lotta programs to learn! 😛        -Toby


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