Ryan’s choice of Job !!!1!!!

After  looking at a range of available  jobs, I have seen a space at Naughty Dog, this is the role of a environmental artist, the dutys are as follow:

Environment Artist


  • Creating models for both architectural and organic natural environments
  • Trouble shoot levels and maintain them, so they stay in frame rate, memory and design spec

Requirements & Skills

  • 3 – 5 years experience games or games related experience modeling and texturing environments using Maya
  • Strong experience and techniques in creating plants, shrubs and vines using cards/flats
  • Strong artistic ability to visualize entire levels and detail with minimal concept art and direction
  • Strong technical ability to manage assets to fit memory, design, and frame rate limits
  • Strong polygonal modeling skills- able to generate clean and efficient models at a very fast pace
  • Self-motivated- requires minimal direction, can carry on the vision for the level until completion and commit to deadlines
  • Good communication skills – able to help others and ask for help when needed. Being proactive in sharing info and assets
  • Great team-player attitude – being flexible with new ideas, being open to direction and changes. Listening to team mates
  • Deadline oriented- being able to manage and organize work so he meets all the deadlines and is able to adjust when changes happen
  • Excellent eye for light, shade, and color
  • An exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regard to modeling
  • Foundation in the traditional arts



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